How to Design a Police Challenge Coin?

With many military veterans choosing law enforcement as a preferred career choice after service, both federal and local police organizations have adopted their own police challenge coins to reward and honour the deserving for their good work. This article highlights the best inspirations for the police departments to create their unique identity through the challenge coins. You can also create a design based on your role in the law enforcement organization.

Getting started with the coins

The police departments know the exact aesthetic or the coin types that can best represent their force. So, when you design them, you need to understand what these coins stand for or what are they going to represent once you hand them out. You can either create them according to the entire organization or just for a specific unit, representing their bravery or other out-of-the-box achievements. You need to understand your design requirements well like whether you want your coin design to be quiet and stoic or you want it to be fun and edgy. The answers to these questions will help you identify your exact design needs and how your coin will exactly look like on completion.

What are the common design elements?

Police challenge coins normally represent the servicemen’s pride and achievements while reminding them of their responsibilities. So, finding the right symbols for these coins is a tough task. There has to be something that’s easily identifiable yet unique and aligns well with the police department. To make it easier, here are listed some of the most common elements of custom police challenge coins.

The color blue

Blue has been the official color of law enforcement for over centuries now. So, make blue color the main element of your coin. It is still a ubiquitous element in many police departments and how you use it in the coins is what will set your coin apart.

Police badges

A police badge is a long-rooted sign of authority that the department holds. When you add this to the coin design, it serves as a great addition. This also unifies the officers across.

Police equipment

There are certain things like sidearms to handcuffs which are iconic to the department. If you want to make your coin look unique and powerful, you can add some of the department’s most unique equipment as part of the logo.

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