Should I Invest in Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100?

The use of mobile phones has increased, with people and businesses coming up with various solutions. A company needs to manage inventory and production. Therefore, investing in reliable mobile solutions is vital to ensure you can track everything in real-time and provide the necessary feedback. A reliable solution like software reduces mistakes, enhances customer experience, and streamlines processes. This is the same case when you have the best mobile accounting software for Sage 100

This accounting software is designed for Sage 100 to enable mobile users to manage organization records and all financial transactions that happen every day. It is customizable, enabling you to meet your business needs without issues. If you are wondering whether investing in mobile accounting software for Sage 100 is good, here are reasons to convince you.

Features of Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100

Mobile accounting software has various features to help companies track and manage operations. These features include revenue management, asset management, expense management, accounts payable and receivable, and inventory data.

Inventory Control

Mobile accounting software enables inventory control through automation. This is because the sold or returned goods can be tracked, automatic pricing and stock supply. Inventory control also includes barcode scanning, educational warehouse tools, and other features that help in sales.

Location Tracking

Mobile accounting software for Sage 100 also enhances location tracking. It is easy to manage the sales team because it is easy to track transactions. The software can generate map-based reports showing where the sales team is, how far they have traveled, and their transactions.

Management Reporting

Another feature that makes mobile accounting software great is its ability to manage reports. Reports become accurate and quality because the software can track location, sales reports, and customer data in real-time. With direct integration, you get a chance to improve your accounting reports.

Customer Surveys

The software also lets you know what is happening in your customers’ world. You can easily segment your clients based on the data you collect. This way, you can send them appropriate feedback and boost their experience. The software has additional features like the following to help you better understand and serve your customers.

Main Reasons to Invest in Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100

The software benefits the customers and the company. It also makes it easy to allocate tasks to employees. With proper accounting and invoicing, it becomes easy to track cash flow and review the company’s financial data.

Mobile accounting software for Sage 100 also automatically generates invoices, making sending them via tablets and phones easy. Therefore, you can send the invoice from anywhere.

The software also sends reminders to clients who have not completed their payments. This provides an easy way of collecting payments and dealing with overdue invoices.  

Mobile accounting software also allows you to monitor the money flowing in and out of your mobile device. As long as you have integrated with Sage 100, it becomes easy to report more accurately.

Mobile accounting software also eliminates the need for paperwork. You can access all the data from the device, making it easy to navigate your finances.

Bottom Line!

Bookkeeping and accounting and essential elements of every business. It is vital to keep your financial records to know where your business stands financially. So, with mobile accounting software for Sage 100, it becomes easy to keep clean accounts.