Amazon FBA program and custom clearance- Things to keep in mind

If you are a business owner in the USA who wants to import goods from abroad and sell via the Amazon FBA(Fulfilment By Amazon) program, then you need to be aware of certain rules and regulations in the customs clearance as well as from Amazon’s side. The FBA is a flagship program of Amazon that gives domestic and international traders a chance to find bigger and better markets inside the USA, with minimum infrastructure and risk.

According to the FBA program, a vendor/retailer need not worry about the storage of goods, logistics, the management of freight and labour or even customer relations. All these aspects are taken care of by Amazon. But the vendors do need to worry about getting the goods delivered to the Amazon warehouse.

The transportation of goods to the Amazon warehouse can be a tricky affair when you are dealing with imported goods. This is where the role of import brokerage firms like the ClearitUSA Amazon FBA freight forwarding comes into play. The biggest headache while importing goods to the USA is the documentation and follow-ups. If you can manage to hire an import broker to do this tedious job for you, then your life becomes way easier.

An import broker can help you with the following services:

  • Prepare documents relevant to the cargo you are importing.
  • The accounts section can be taken care of by the broker
  • The broker will give a clear cut idea about the duties and taxes you are bound to pay the customs.
  • They will also give a heads up about the tax deductions or exemptions if any.
  • They will even be physically available at the border for smooth transit of your goods.

These are some of the major services provided by import brokerage firms. When Importing of goods becomes simple and hassle-free, the FBA program gets more effective in its mission. The FBA program is mainly aimed at medium and small-scale industries, so that their capacity can be increased and business can be maximised.

Depending on the mode of transport you choose to import your goods, the documentation and other regulations vary. For transportation of goods via truck, the documentation is a little less when compared to air transit. In air transit, the goods get delivered faster, but the cost of importing is higher.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose to import goods, do not think twice about hiring a qualified import broker to get the job done with maximum accuracy.