5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Importing Your Car Into Canada

There was a time in Canada when the import of goods meant a nightmare. The long line of heavy vehicles carrying all the goods from the USA to Canada used to be a regular sight in the borders. 

The situation today has changed drastically for the better. There are no longer any long lines of trucks at the border, since the advent of the automated export/import system(AES).

Such a system has paved the way for the easy movement of goods and services to Canada from the USA. The car importing sector has gathered a lot of leverage from this new system. 

Now all you have to do before importing a car from the USA to Canada is to register an itn number for Canada from and present the relevant documents along with proof of ownership of the vehicle. All of these measures apply to exporters of single vehicles, not bulk.                       

The main points to keep in mind before importing your car are listed below:

  1. Properly inspect the car for wear and tear before exporting. Keeping physical records of the same can be helpful in fighting any legal claims later. Also, the proof of the condition of the vehicle at the time of export can be held as a piece of strong legal evidence if any damage is incurred to the vehicle at the time of transportation. The chances of damage are low since the freight services are extra careful when it comes to the transport of expensive parcels.
  2. Remember to submit the documents to the customs department 72 hours before importing. This is a very crucial step. The customs are very particular about the punctuality of the documents produced. A late submission could be the sole reason for your vehicle being held for long at the border. So it is always safe to hire a customs agent to do the job for you. Thus saving time and money.
  3. Proof of ownership is to be submitted, along with other documents, without fail.
  4. Register an ITN number to be attached along with the parcel for easy clearance at the border. ITN numbers can be easily procured with the help of customs agents from Canada. These agents can assist you to get the ITN number in the fastest route possible.
  5. Track the movement of the parcel easily using the prescribed tracking method. For a good tracking experience always keep the receipt of import safely.

To sum up, carefully observing the above guidelines can help you get through the hassle of importing your vehicle to Canada with much ease.