Amazon Success Cheatsheet – Impact of Delivery Time

Being an Amazon seller has its perks, no doubt. Still, unfortunately, if you are selling on the global level, you need to understand that your competition is also at the worldwide level.

Global Marketplace is a competitive environment, and therefore even the minor things that can impact customers become very significant for any seller to be successful on Amazon.

Mini guide to Amazon’s success is based on how vital the customer reviews and presentation of the products are. Still, unfortunately, they neglect one of the most critical factors: the delivery time of the parcels.

Here’s everything you should know!

Instant Gratification

Any customer who purchases something online is looking for instant gratification because they are already very excited about it before receiving it.

When they already have an estimated delivery time mentioned, they keep waiting for their parcel to arrive, and when it does not arrive in time, it leads to extreme disappointment.

Customers express their disappointment in reviews that can negatively influence your other potential customers.

In-Time Needs

People purchase almost everything on Amazon, including costumes for festivals, books for exams, and jewelry for events. Many Other goods are also sold on Amazon, but why have we mentioned only three? They are two examples stating that things people purchase are not independent of the context or time constraints.

While purchasing, customers keep estimated delivery time in mind to ensure that they receive their parcel before they require it. If customers receive their books after their exam, their clothes after the event, or their costumes after the festival, do you think they will be satisfied even if your product is of global standard high quality?

These examples give sellers a glimpse of how vital delivery time is.

Emergency or Urgent Parcels

Some customers are ready to pay extra charges to receive their parcels faster because they have some associated emergency or agent needs for the product.

The product can be some medications that the customer might run out of if they are not delivered at the expected time. Other medical equipment or Home support systems might be required within time, especially when ordered by organizations.

Organizations are very serious about receiving their orders on time. Therefore, they might even sue you legally if any harm results as an outcome of your negligence or inability to deliver parcels in time.

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