Why Do You Need An Ecommerce Virtual Assistant?

As an owner of any eCommerce business, you cannot have the time to constantly be present on your device to answer every question that the customer or a potential customer has. Even hiring people for this job will be pretty expensive and negatively impact the ROI. Furthermore, you cannot serve every customer all the time, even if you have an extensive customer service operation. This is where eCommerce virtual assistant come in. They can be available 24/7 for your customers and boost the ROI.

Virtual Assistance

These virtual assistants are mainly bots that work using natural language and machine learning. They can perform various tasks like understanding the user’s queries, giving them relevant answers, and creating product descriptions. Having a virtual assistant in place would mean spending less time working on customer service and more time focusing on your business.

What Are Virtual Assistants Good At Doing?

Virtual assistants can perform various functions for your business and you. They can conduct significant levels of task automation like:

  • Product research
  • Image editing
  • Writing the description of the products
  • Managing the inventory
  • Optimizing the product listing
  • Assisting in exchange and returns
  • Handling the processing of orders

People who are coming to your eCommerce store for the first time; can quickly access the information they are looking for. Thanks to virtual assistance, online shopping’s popularity has surpassed traditional shopping.

How Can Virtual Assistants Impact The Usability Of Your Store?

In a paper published by researchers from the Henrich-Heine-University, they examined how having a virtual assistant can impact the levels of user satisfaction. Their study included virtual assistants with various levels of capabilities like NLP and machine learning. They found that customers trusted virtual assistants and enjoyed using their services. Having a bot on the site increased the chances of the user coming back to the site in the future and making a purchase. This is a fundamental lesson to be kept in mind in the case of eCommerce platforms.

How effective a virtual assistant will depend on how well it can understand the user’s query and how relevant a response it provides. Whether you are developing a bot for your business or choosing one, you must remember that the bot’s effectiveness will impact usability.

Designing the website is one part of the business. Interactions with the customer are the crucial part. No matter how well the site’s design is, how user-friendly it is, sometimes customers want human-level support. Therefore, having virtual assistance can help boost the effectiveness and usefulness of your website and increase the enjoyment of the audience who is surfing. This, in turn, positively impacts the brand identity and increases loyalty amongst customers. Under such conditions, the audience is more likely to return to the website and purchase later. Thus, leave the handling of the customers to your eCommerce virtual assistants. It would help if you focused all your energy on growing your business. 

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