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Understand the benefits of Maja cloud in companies

Although markets are increasingly demanding and diverse, companies are moving in one direction – digital transformation. Companies that understand the need for this change is 26% more profitable compared to others. Solutions such as cloud computing allow them to incorporate technology according to customer demands. Maja cloud storage is a very popular solution in the information technology environment as it meets the needs of small, medium and large companies thanks to its scalability and reliability.

Cloud computing optimize your company’s IT processes

Every person in charge of the IT department has been faced with the following question – what is the return on investment of cloud computing? After all, the finance department needs to ensure that sectors are not spending on what cloud compromise the company’s development.

The benefits of Maja cloud computing go beyond calculating ROI. After all, in the digital transformation process, the company must incorporate innovation into its routine practices. It means that it needs to bring technologies that support it in terms of productivity gains and cost reductions. Understand how this online process takes place.

Support in digital transformation

Going digital is no longer an option – it is a matter of survival in a fiercely competitive market. Adopting technologies that allow the business to grow sustainably, offering better quality for its processes, for the customer experience and for its employees is the best way to remain competitive. Maja cloud computing is supported by three quality pillars – automation, agility and efficiency. It allows companies to be prepared for sudden changes, without compromising their processes. By taking away responsibilities related to the administration, users and IT sector, windows cloud allows you to dedicate yourself to the development of new products.


Any IT manager understands the importance of optimizing a company’s processes, which also involves paying special attention to finances. When your company adapts to Maja cloud computing service, it takes advantage of the entire physical infrastructure and pays only for what you used. The management of computing and information services is handled by the cloud provider, which also reduces the costs of specialized members.

Availability, 24/7

One of the great advantages of Maja cloud computing service is having your data available at all times. It improves the productivity of organizations, as processes are less prone to disruption. If there is any accident at the place where the task is to be performed, it will be stored in a safe place to be resumed at another time or place.

It is worth remembering the growth of workers who operate in a home office regime. A survey pointed out that remote working can grow up to 40% in certain regions of the globe. Is your company prepared to offer DaaS infrastructure so that your employees can operate from anywhere in the world?

Scalability and flexibility

Allowing the reduction and expansion of computing resources, Maja cloud computing is an essential support for process optimization. Thus, your company can meet the demands without wasting money or technological resources. External hard drives, local servers, pen drives and other storage devices are concepts from the past. Business cloud computing allows companies to access their app systems from anywhere and with different devices. This feature streamlines processes.

How does cloud computing reduce your company’s costs?

Low initial investment

Keeping data in the business cloud does not require your company to purchase equipment and complicated procedures. Having to purchase hardware and assign IT employees especially for their maintenance can be costly for companies and, in many situations, be ineffective. The cost of entry of cloud computing services is low.

Lower turnover

Remote work options reduce employee turnover. Maja cloud storage services allow your employees to operate anywhere with internet access, at any time. It is an essential step for them to gain greater autonomy.

No need to purchase licenses

With business cloud computing solutions, your company will not need to spend excessively on licenses and software renewals. You only pay for the time and space used, without having to spend on an unprofitable Programm.

Sustainability and lower maintenance

Business cloud computing plays an important role in companies’ cost management. By reducing expenses with physical space, the company also gains in terms of sustainability. The implementation of Microsoft Office 365 Business cloud can be accompanied by an awareness of employees.

A company that chooses to keep an in-house server running securely requires constant maintenance. When opting for business cloud computing, your company bears fewer costs to have access to an updated system, without losing security. Business cloud computing is flexible and scalable, therefore helps to reduce maintenance costs.

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