How To Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging In Your Regulated Firm


Businesses can reap numerous benefits from utilizing mobile texting as a form of communication. However, organizations may find it overwhelming to track many channels and networks to archive text messages and phone calls.

Over 80% of the global workforce is mobile. With consumer needs evolving at a breakneck pace, most frontline businesses are attempting to provide staff with access to every channel available on mobile devices to be responsive. 

End-user self-service for security purposes

A secure instant message platform is required for businesses to archive real-time. Employees can work remotely from their offices using this platform. Moreover, they can save time and money by using a high level of automation and built-in archiving.

Convenient and flexible eDiscovery

Search features must allow businesses to find mobile communications quickly from hundreds of thousands of records. This will enable text messaging monitoring. Flexible eDiscovery capabilities let companies respond rapidly to scheduled audits and regulatory investigations.

Mobile Archive Solution 

Every mobile archiving tool must ensure compliance with recordkeeping guidelines for regulated businesses. By using an advanced mobile-archiving tool like Verizon Text Recording, regulated companies can increase litigation preparedness through enhanced eDiscovery to monitor text messages and archive other mobile communications. 

Best Mobile Archiving Solution for Enterprises

Businesses must keep their requirements in mind when evaluating and adopting mobile archiving and enterprise messaging systems. The significant factors for evaluating such solutions should be regulatory and compliance requirements, industry viability, platform security, scalability, and flexibility. These characteristics are critical for regulated organizations considering adopting mobile archiving tools and enterprise communications solutions—finally, the most vital aspect in determining the tool’s consistency.

TeleMessage gathers and stores mobile information from corporate or BYOD mobile phones, such as SMS messages, voice calls, and WhatsApp and WeChat discussions. This is to ensure compliance with various data protection standards. The communications are securely and reliably preserved within TeleMessage servers or transferred to your preferred archiving data storage vendor.

To learn more, here is an infographic from TeleMessage. 




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