Four Reasons Your Dishwasher is Leaking and When to Buy Parts

If your dishwasher is leaking, you probably deal with puddles of water every day. If you have enough of this, you should consider getting the appliance fixed. Just because something is wroth with your dishwasher does not mean you automatically get a new one. Often, common dishwasher issues can be fixed with the right parts. So, if you own a Samsung dishwasher, you should have it checked by a repair professional. The repair expert may request you to purchase Samsung dishwasher parts to complete the repair job. 

When water pools, it becomes messy and hazardous. Check the owner’s manual first and or research online on the model number to get resources and tips. The majority of dishwasher manufacturers have websites filled with helpful information. Also, the information below can help you with a dishwasher problem:

Leaking Dishwasher Door

Is water accumulating underneath the dishwasher door? If so, this does not mean the appliance is completely broken. The door may not be properly latching because the door latch is bent or loose. So, try to tighten the latch using a screwdriver to secure the closure. Also, consider installing new latch systems, but if water still runs from the door, it may be necessary to replace the gasket. 

Leaking Tub

If you own an old or frequently used dishwasher, the leak could be due to a hole worn in its tub. Minerals and detergents can corrode the tub’s bottom over time, leading to water leaks and collection underneath the appliance. Some tubs can be fixed; however, depending on the age of your dishwasher and the seriousness of the problem, replacing the appliance might be necessary.

Loose or Damaged Valves

When your dishwasher has aged significantly, its hoes and connections may have become loose. Check the drain hoses regularly to make sure everything is securely connected, Also, ensure the water inlet valve functions smoothly and is not stuck since this can cause flooding. 

If the hoses are cracked, get new ones from the store. Ensure you check the dishwasher model type before you buy any parts. 


To avoid a leaking dishwasher, make sure the unit is level. If the unit is misaligned, water can collect underneath the appliance. Also, put shims under the appliance and measure the alignment. 

The unit should run smoothly again when it is perfectly level after adjustments are made. If you cannot level the dishwasher yourself, call a technician to get the job done for you.