All You Need to Know About Driver Jobs in Hyderabad

Driving is a specialised job that requires you to have certain traits to succeed. Being a driver, you would be responsible for transporting passengers and cargo from one location to another. You must also ensure the safety of the goods and people you are transporting. 

What are the responsibilities for driver jobs?

  • Follow the traffic rules
  • Drive with caution to ensure the safety of passengers and the cargo you are carrying
  • Keep the interior of the vehicles clean
  • Ensure that there is always enough fuel in the vehicle
  • Keep an accurate count of the numbers of miles driven, the fuel used, and other vehicle-related data
  • Ensure the maintenance of the vehicle 
  • Follow the route correctly

What are the skills and qualifications required for driver jobs in Hyderabad?

Exceptional knowledge of traffic laws

One of the primary requirements for a driver’s job in Hyderabad is to be aware of the traffic regulations. For the most part, during duty hours, you would be on the road and travel to different destinations. So, you need to be aware of the traffic regulations of different parts of the country and stay updated with the laws to stay compliant and avoid legal issues. 

Understand the functioning of the vehicle

Whether you drive a truck, trailer, or car, you must have a fair understanding of the basic functionalities of the vehicle. This will enable you to do troubleshooting during a breakdown immediately. Also, knowing the vehicle’s functionalities will help you in proper maintenance and prolong their shelf life. 


As a driver, you must have excellent driving skills. Generally, people tend to drive only a specific type of vehicle. However, if you are versatile and drive both heavy and light vehicles, you would be better positioned to get better-paying work since not many car drivers can drive trucks and vice versa. 

Ability to work under pressure and for long hours

Driving is a tough job, especially if you are driving heavy vehicles. You must be extremely careful while transporting specific goods like gas, heavy metal objects, etc. You need to have good concentration skills and the ability to work for long hours. Sometimes you may have to drive through the night for an extended period and through different weather and road conditions. 

You may have to meet strict deadlines, be mindful of not getting involved in an accident, and ensure that the goods or passengers reach the destination on time. 

Driving license

This is one of the most critical requirements for a driver’s job. You must have a valid driving license issued by a specific authority. Also, you must have the necessary permits that allow you to transport the type of goods you carry. 

Work independently

As a driver, you would be on the road most of the time, away from your family and team. So, you must be okay with working in isolation and willing to work alone and independently. 

Physical strength

Driving is not as easy as it may seem. It requires great strength and endurance, especially driving a heavy vehicle. You need to be healthy and physically strong. 

Final Word

There are many drivers’ jobs in India. You can check the various openings on various online job portals like Qjobs. Make sure that you understand the requirement well before applying for the position that you think suits your profile.